Safari off-road info

Our definition of off road is:
•Unsealed roads that are gravel with or without corrugation
•Sandy roads
•Rough roads resulting from potholes
We do not consider full rutted out tracks ,4WD only tracks, or creek crossings where it is likely that the floor of the caravan is going to be constantly wet, or the brake drums and wheel bearings are likely to be submerged in water as appropriate for caravans.
Extreme care must be taken if you intend on using YOUR caravan in any off-road condition. Even though Safari caravans are built as strong as possible, they still have limitations. It is entirely your decision to decide if the road you are going to take YOUR caravan down, is safe to do so.
Neither Trounce Caravans nor Safari Caravans take any responsibility for any damage to either YOUR caravan or Vehicle resulting from Off road excursions.
When going off road you should consider reducing your speed and if conditions allow it, reducing your tire pressures temporarily. Going faster to ‘skip’ over corrugations will result in shaking your caravan to bits. Drive to the conditions.
DUST is a part of owning and using a caravan on unsealed roads
Cracks in wall / roof ply from body flex are not covered by warranty. Flex is unavoidable
All toolboxes are not fully waterproof or dust proof.

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